Delivery Information

Delivery Information

At Norden Seeds we have your privacy in focus and only use the most important information. The packages in question will contain the least possible customer information and will always be packaged and sent discreetly. The package will also not have Norden Seeds or the contents of the package written explicitly.

However, we omit some information on how packaging and logistics management is handled for your safety. If you want your package sent in a specific way, for example with "stealth" or similar, please contact us.

Delivery methods

Letter: Postage letter with everyday impression. We use different types of packaging and change completely at regular intervals so as not to be too consistent and create patterns. All packages are of high quality.

For letters as delivery method, we at Norden Seeds want to point out the following:

  • Letters as delivery method are only available for pre-paid orders.
  • We do not have the option of acknowledging these shipments. If any video / picture proof that the package is sent feels current, please contact us with such a request in advance.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to track a package with this delivery method. This is because it is sent via a regular mailbox and thus never registered with us.
  • We do not have the opportunity to make changes to the delivery information. Thus, it is the customer's own responsibility to ensure that the correct information is provided and Norden Seeds refuses any refunds when the package should have been sent to an incorrectly specified address.
Cash on delivery: The package is paid when you pickup your package and is preferable if you as a customer feel more secure to pay when the package is collected. These packages are traceable and the customer is notified via SMS / E-Mail when the package is available at the local pick-up point. In case of any uncertainty or if the delivery has taken longer than expected, please contact us to trace the package.

At cash on delivery as a delivery method, we at Norden Seeds want to point out the following:

  • The contact details you provide at the time of purchase must be correct because when you pick up the package you have to identify yourself. (Be careful of any spellings as it must be fully matched between the consignment note / ID.
  • If you do not pick up the package on time, Norden Seeds will be charged with a return shipping. We will add this cost to your next order or return of previous packages unless otherwise agreed.
  • Enter the correct E-Mail address and / or telephone number so that you will be notified when the package is available for pickup.
  • Be sure to check for any spam folder or similar when the package is expected to arrive.

Recommended: Recommended packages are handled in the same way as postage but only apply to pre-paid orders. This option is most suitable for those who place a larger order and want the opportunity to track your package.

When recommended as a delivery method, the same information applies as for postal advances.

Special packages

Because our industry is considered controversial by many, we believe it is imperative that we offer our customers a delivery method that is extra discreet. Please contact us on Wickr or E-mail and we will come together on how we send your package in the best way.