About Us

Norden Seeds began its journey in 2004 by experimenting with strains for colder climates. It was a little more daring and low key. In 2007, we started producing on a large scale but were still relatively small.

Over the years, we have screened out some varieties for the Classic series we sell today. The only exception is the AK47 AUTO, where we managed to produce a new, sharper variant during the mid-2010s.

In 2014, we decided to develop a new series of seeds. More potent, delivers more and with high resistance. against plague.

At that time, we were significantly larger than when we initially started 10 years earlier, we could not really use equivalent "working methods".

Thus, two of our employees went to the Northwestern United States in 2016 and what you can now see is that in several cases our premium series are crossed with North American seeds. We have also worked on producing new versions of completely North American seeds such as Purple Haze auto. This has happened because we have been at a much higher latitude than its origin.

On this trip we had the opportunity to grow a larger number of seeds we have collected over the years but unfortunately not had the opportunity to cultivate under the slightly more difficult forms that we require for our cannabis seeds to fit seed collectors from our main market.

After an un-official release of a few strains from our new collection, aptly named: Norden premium selection, during Autumn 2018 this was followed by the official launch winter 2020

What we have seen is that Gorilla Glue auto, NL x Big bud auto and Gelato x Bubba kush FEM are the most sought after from the new series. From our Classic collection, AK47 auto and White widow are still in strong demand!

We also have som exiting news. A new series is due to be released in the autumn of 2020 - winter of 2021

Our production center is not located in Sweden, but you never have to worry about your collector's item being sent across borders and thus being registered by various authorities.

We have grown over the years but we are still a small outfit compared to the big seed producers. We have an incredible respect for those who were involved in starting this 30, 40 and even 50 years ago.

Because, without magicians like The Haze brothers, Arjan and the Guys behind Green house, Henk van Dalen from Dutch Passion and Sam the Skunkman to name but a few, the seed collection would not have been what it is today!